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S.K.A.T.S. New News!
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145.450 mhz. The frequency offset is negative and there is 77 Tone. The repeater serves as
an on-the-air meeting place for our club members, and facilitates communications during club
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The S.K.A.T.S. Club has in the recent past Installed a new repeater tower/antenna's for the clubs use.  It was
completed with the help of multiple club members, and most of all by Rodney A. Adler - W4RRA who supplied
the tower and land!

You can view pictures of the event

The Southern Kentucky Transmitting Society would like for anybody that is at all interested in amateur radio to
please attend our monthly meetings at the Russellville City Hospital at 7PM CST Every first Tuesday of each
The Southern Kentucky Amateur Transmitting Society now has ARRL affiliation!!!
The S.K.A.T.S Club as a whole now has a dedicated call sign!!  

S.K.A.T.S. Old News

The S.K.A.T.S. Website now has a new page " Meeting Minutes " Please click the link to see the new page,
and to keep up to date on the minutes from the meetings!

Record VE Session!

We had a total of 9 candidates this evening, 3 earned their Technician license, 1 upgraded to General, 1
passed the Technician AND General, 2 upgraded to Extra, 1 earned an Element 3 (General) credit only, and 1
failed the Technician.  Thanks to Steve, John, Davie, and Jeremy for their help.
New Officers Elected:

Jeremy Wilkinson, KE4WLK – President

John Hermon, WB5OOL – Vice President

Doug Aldrich, W0WSP – Secretary/Treasurer

Teddy Thornburg, KJ4CMD – Member-at-large

Gary Logan, KI4JJT – Member-at-large
Last VE Session Netted 1 Technician Class Licensee

Mishele Marshall - Call Sign: KK4MTB
The Amature Radio Ham Fest Swap Meet

Cave City On March 2ND